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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the data come from?

The data in the on-line pedigree search system is taken directly from the database that the Registrar uses to run the AKGA. The on-line data is updated from the master database periodically. The date and time it was last updated appears at the bottom of each page of the pedigree search system.

What if I notice a mistake in my goat's data?

If there's a mistake in the data, inform the Registrar by e-mail. Be sure to specify your goat's AKGA registration number in your message. The Registrar will change the master database, and the on-line database will be corrected the next time it is updated.

Why do some goats have pictures?

The pedigree search system can display pictures of the goats in the database, but the pictures do not come from the database. Instead, you, the goat owner, can upload the pictures to the system.

How can I get my goat's pictures on here?

To upload pictures, click on the Upload Photos link which appears at the bottom of all the pedigree search system pages.

How do I upload more than one picture for my goat?

You can have up to three photos for each goat. One of these is displayed large, and the other two are displayed smaller beneath the first one. Once you are on the Photo Upload page, use the "Photo" field to select which photo position (Top Large, Left Hand Small, or Right Hand Small) you are uploading.

Why do only some of my goats' names appear when I log on to upload photos?

If only some of your goats appear when you log on, it is most likely because you have more than one Member ID. For example, you may have some goats registered under your name, and some under both yours and your spouse's name. So if you can't find one of your goats under one of your Member IDs, try the other Member IDs. If you still can't find all your goats, please contact the Registrar at

Can I sort the search results by something other than the goat name?

Yes. Each column heading in the search result is actually a link. If you click on a column heading, the search results will be redisplayed, sorted by that column. If you are several pages down in a multi-page result, the display starts over with page one. The Sort Indicator symbol indicates which column the report is currently sorted by.

What does the Progeny column mean on the Progeny report?

The Progeny column in each row of the Progeny report shows the number of Progeny of the goat in that row. If you click on the number, you will get a Progeny report for that goat.

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